About Us

KMR Creation was established in June of 2015. Everything you see is original.  I create, photograph, print and package the cards myself.  

Recently I have been exploring the world of paint... which I love. Take a minute to peruse my creations, you'll like them. 

I hope you visit often, and that your visits bring you joy.

With gratitude,



Nature's Faces - The Story Behind the Creations  

When I was a kid, I used to spend hours outside playing - mostly climbing trees and collecting nature.  At some point in my life I stopped climbing trees, nature was seen and not touched - life became busy.  This collection of prints is a return to my appreciation of nature and my deep desire to reconnect with its magic.  

It started as a mindfulness practice where I would walk my dog and collect items that interested me from sidewalks.  These pieces turned into the faces seen here.  Each one was created, photographed and swept away, to make room for something new, reminding me that change is always occurring.  

Like us, no two are the same... nor are they perfect.  I believe it is the imperfections that make us interesting, often times beautiful.  For that reason I try to use the materials I find with as little change as possible and I don't "touch up" my faces with the computer.  

I have started to refer to these prints as Nature's Faces.  I hope they make you smile. 



Kristin lives in a small community in Central, NY with her family and feisty dog named Peanut.