Throw Back

Hey... today I thought I would do a bit of a throw back to when I first started creating and what led me to establish KMR Creation to begin with. It has been a year since I launched my site, with Nature's Art *(which I have renamed Nature's Faces)... and I thought I would post some of the first ones I did... 

For those of you not familiar with the process of making these faces, I would search my neighborhood sidewalks while out with my dog and pick up pieces of nature that seemed interesting to me.  From what I collected I would create a face, photograph it and sweep it away... 

It was a terrific practice of letting go for me... and seeing the world a little bit differently, noticing how we mirror nature; leaves as lips, grass as hair, acorns as eyes... if you look closely (or just read the online descriptions) I think you will enjoy!  

To see the full collection you can go to

"Kevin" - the image, requested to be bought by the barista, that started it all! Thank you, so very grateful!! 



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