Set Sail

There are lots of people in my life right now that are starting anew, graduations, choosing colleges, relocation, new jobs, marriage, retirement - all at different stages in life.  

Seeing this has got me to thinking about the kind of work that goes into creating a life that we love or maybe somedays a life we simply like.  

"Set Sail" was created on the last day of a 31 day creation stint.  It's interesting to me that it appeared not at the beginning of the project but at the very end.  Which of course reminded me that with endings there are always beginnings.

Today I thought I would send out this post to all of my loved ones who are beginning again - making their lives their own courageously and with style.  The little boat on the big colorful sea salutes and supports you - wishing you a bon voyage! 


"Set Sail" 

Original work acrylic and ink on canvas 



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